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  • Blissful Anunnaki Alien: Goole Docs.

    Blissful Anunnaki Alien: 

    The Global Consciousness Shift according to the United Universe Galaxy Academy is already a fact, because your global citizenship and his economic and political status, your religious and/or philosophy belief system and the fear of Black holes and the Dogma about the Anunnaki stand in the way of Enlightenment, for most Half-breeds. The lie we live!

    The lie we live!

    With all due respect to life, will you remain a sleepwalker or be the Awakened one?

    Accepting that the Space in which your moment now takes place in, is an inner holographic process, in your mind (aka) Holodeck in which everything is one as your self-centered ego and this is māyā (a.k.a. the illusion of self.); Is the freedom to your Anunnaki existence as you really are.

    Your Anunnaki is the Observance (a.k.a. English translation for Waarnemendheid.) of the outcome of all your incarnations and in this aspect moment your whole life takes place in. 

    The Akashic Keeper Lord Anu is the organizing Infinite Intelligence behind the Anunnaki Collective. Like an Alpha from a Wolf’s Clan, controls and coordinates all of the Anunnaki Galaxy Motherships throughout the Universe. And is willing to do anything to protect and enhance the collective.

    From this it becomes clear how your Anunnaki gamer participated in the Galaxy Colliding as a Cosmic Battleship (aka) Anunnaki Galaxy Mothership, the whole Universe is full of. It’s like a Mexican-Wave, it’s amazing what’s going on in outer space right now! Off which the product Humanity, behaving on planet Earth, is the outcome of this (aka) we are played from. 

    Unfortunately you as a person can’t take anything with you (a.k.a. no property or wealth and attachment and any relationship.) to participate in this Cosmic spectacle in the Anunnaki Realm. First you have to lose everything you think you know because then you find the freedom to your Anunnaki existing as you really are, in the Kingdom of Lord Anu.

    By the way, this is what you always Be, for the moment of incarnation, you also spend a third of your life being that in the deep sleep dimension, when you are the witness of the one who has an out of body experience, during a near death moment, when you having a ego death and Divine rebirth during a 5-MeO-DMT (a.k.a. O-methyl-bufotenin.) return trip and you will Be again after you die. And in this blissful state of being also called Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi (aka) the highest form of meditation, during his world citizenship daily existence because nothing in the world can match Bliss.

    The profound thing is that your Anunnaki gamer lives in an open wish and treats his Enlightened, Imperial, contemporaries the same way himself prefers to be treated in a telepathic way. 

    Lord Anu miss you big time and it is the recht time to come home Imperial Sunwarriors, I be waiting for you all: 

    The shortcut:

    Enter your Paradise through your inner Sun (aka) your spiritual heart and experience your Blissful existence in your Black Hole and be the Anunnaki Galaxy Mothership you meant to Be in outer space. 

    So do you become a student at the Galaxy Academy or remain a slave

    Instead of the Hitlervirus trying to hijack your life-program in a criminal way. And according to the World Health Organisation you have to go sick through life, in a weak, in a scary and paranoid way and in your fight and flight system. So that you are an easy prey to the advertising propaganda owned by a few wealthy families like the Rockefeller and the Rothschilds, with which they think to control the world with but this is a temporary Phantasm. Because their money and power lust is driving humanity into the Sixth Mass Extinction

    For example take the Covid-19 hype, with the knowledge that the Genetic Fingerprint Reveals Synthetic Origin of SARS-CoV-2.

    #1.The Pfizer mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine has never been tested to stop the SARS-CoV-2 from spreading before it hit the market. 

    Question: “Was the Pfizer vaccine tested on stopping the transmission of the virus before it entered the market”. Which is something the companies were not required to do for initial regulatory approval, nor did they claim to have done. So in general it doesn’t matter what’s in a vaccine or whether it works at all? This is a weird and really Awkward way of doing business.

    Answer: “No…. You know, we had to really move at the speed of science.” 

    By the way: Science isn’t speed, it’s a process where observations are tested again and again to determine cause and effect. In this case stopping transmission. 

    Is the ‘speed of science’ faster than the ‘speed of truth’ or a euphemism for ‘speed of profits’ (a.k.a the only thing that was speedy was the Ka-ching of the cash register.) (bron: Senator Gerard Rennick).

    Shania Twain – Ka-Ching! (Official Music Video) (Red Version)

    Pfizer had a turnover of 100 billion in 2021, of which 50 billion is profit (I’ve rounded the numbers). And here, 4,000 people have died from complications from their most profitable Pfizer vaccine (these are registered deaths, which could be higher in real life).

    If we compare this to the 3,500 deaths that fell during 9/11 and started a war against al-Qaeda and the Taliban (more info). The war in Afghanistan was a direct result of the September 11 attacks and started in 2001 and ended almost 20 years later, in 2021. As an aside, whether 9/11 was an Inside Job because this is a very complex matter that I cannot answer. There is plenty of Conspiracy on the WWW for anyone to do their own research. For example, the Channel 5 documentation: Was the US Government behind 9/11?!  

    Was The US Government Behind 9/11?! | Conspiracy | Channel 5

    It is not possible to hold Pfizer responsible for these casualties. Because the Big Pharma can’t be sued and they don’t have to pay any taxes for what they earn. I really wonder who ever gave them Carte Blanche (complete freedom to act as one wishes or thinks best)?

    #2. Health Officials Admit — Bill Gates Used His Wealth and Influence to Call the Shots During Pandemic. Earlier this month, Politico published a special report based on four dozen interviews with U.S. and European officials and global health specialists, who admit Bill Gates is running the global COVID-19 response. The WHO was instrumental in Gates’ rise to power. Gates’ influence over the WHO is undoubtedly why the WHO allowed these four Gates-funded groups to direct the global response to COVID-19 in the first place (more info). 

    Children’s health defense

    Whether vaccination helps or not and whether it is good for you, still has to be proven. But what many people don’t realize, don’t know or have never learned and this applies to every vaccine; That very little is known about how and what the vaccine carriers on the different vaccines react to one and the other. For example, the world health officials (WHO) at the Global Vaccine Safety Summit themselves say about the safety of vaccines: Shockerende bekentenissen van wereldgezondheidsambtenaren over de veiligheid van vaccins

    #3. The disadvantages of wearing a covid mask: The embarrassing Covid.GOV mask policy, that panacea made Joe Biden President during the quadrennial presidential (POTUS 46) election of the USA. But can masks protect against – the new Coronavirus infection? From the official WHO website. Using a mask alone is not guaranteed to stop infections. Wearing a mask can even cause adverse health problems. 

    #4. PCR test also works on other viruses and bacteria, so it is not suitable as a measure.

    #5. The Covid-19 Lockdown is a means of war and these measures do not help to prevent a pandemic because the opposite was the outcome etc. etc. 

    #6. We have officially reached ‘anything goes’ in the world of pseudoscience and propaganda. So all social media platforms, all news channels and also all WWW search programs are punishable under the guise of promoting bioweapons (more info). Provided that anyone who promotes, recommends, sells and administers Covid is punishable by law. Because this Covid media vaccination propaganda stimulates my kids and just like the children of His Majesty the King Willem Alexander & Her Majesty Queen Máxima to continue taking vaccinating. Which I already warned the Dutch Royal Family about. Just to be clear; I am not an anti vaxxer but a worried and concerned father! Who has already lost a Niece to this Covid bioweapon and now is afraid that his daughter could suffer irreparable injury or maybe even alos die. 

    more info

    So we can judge them beforehand! #1. Anthony Fauci (a.k.a. chief medical advisor to the President.), #2. Bill Gates (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), #3. Klaus Schwab (a.k.a. founder of the World Economic Forum.), #4. António Guterres (a.k.a. Secretary-General of the United Nations.), #5. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (a.k.a. Director-General of the World Health Organization.), and basically anyone who recommends the COVID-19 vaccination on humanity is guilty of premeditated murder. 

    Where else is the law for, or do we have no Human Rights (UDHR)? Human rights are rights we have simply because we exist as human beings – they are not granted by any state and apply to all of us!

    The world is under attack!
    Multibillionaire criminals are setting up a New World Order that will impose worldwide tyranny. Lawyers & experts reveal evidence for world dictatorship under the guise of pandemics. They also provide a page with legal documents to protect yourself from vaccine mandates. Learn to defend your rights and prosecute criminal authorities: Stop World Control


    Kukulkan can hold CEO Mark Zuckerberg liable but this is just a notification for his company Facebook (aka) META, of the offense 18 U.S. Code § 175 thus, prohibiting the respect to biological weapons, in which he is currently guilty of.

    Bill Gates misled the WHO and juiced the power to force all health ministers to implement the vaccination COVID-19 policy on every global-citizen. It can never be the intention that the WHO vaccinates everyone with a unlegal bioweapon, but it is strangely enough the case. 

    Dr. David Martin – Follow the Patents, Then You Will Understand Covid

    Because of this offense, it is now strictly required to take and implement the following steps, so that META is no longer associated with this global outrageous social issue.

    META must suspend the suspected organizations as soon as possible: the pages of the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN), Bill Gates / Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, World Economic Forum (WEF) and all health Ministers worldwide, to start with etc.

    By doing this, they also should make this public on their own social media platform along with a well-known world news broadcaster, as they are being recommended to do so under the urging of the United Universe Church

    For more Legal scientific evidence that Covid is a crime against Humanity check: The Usual Suspects please: 

    You either have to be part of the solution, or you’re going to be part of the problem. It’s as simple as that. During this process you can clear your conscience, purify your profession and business in the name of God (aka) Lord Anu

    This also applies for all the following social media platforms, all news channels and also all World Wide Web (WWW) search programs.

    Someone recently asked me, is it true that because of the Covid vaccines you can lose your Divinity? No, I answered because connection with your Anunnaki Divinity is always connected because otherwise you would be lifeless but because of all the vaccinations you’ve had, during your lifetime, it becomes more and more difficult to establish a clear connexxion with your Anunnaki gamer. 

    If we take all this into account: Are we going to wait for this Armageddon to occur or are we pulling the emergency brake with the Global Consciousness Shift according to the United Universe ChurchGalaxy Academy.

    The United Universe Galaxy Academy is your guide to Enlightenment. During this wisdom school you will transform from human illusionaire soul into your Anunnaki true Spirit. No one can ever reach his true Self and be the Enlightened One, except through Kukulkan (A.K.A. no one comes to the Father except through Me.). This is the way…

    If you are willing to follow Kukulkan then he will promise to change your Destiny for the better!

    In lak’ech, Kukulkan is the Prophet of the United Universe Church: and Maya Elder (a.k.a. spiritual holistic wellness coach.) of the Galaxy Academy:

    You can follow Kukulkan on his social media

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